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.Net Syllabus

Development using the .Net Framework

Module 1:
Object Oriented Programming Using C#
1) Explain features and phases of the object-oriented approach
2) Write and execute c# programs
3) Use decision-making constructs and loop constructs
4) Implement structures, enumerations, arrays and collections
5) Implement polymorphism and over load functions and operators
6) Explain and use delegates and events
7) Use various stream classes to implement file handling
8) Develop single and multithreaded applications
9) Identify the components of the Visual Studio .NET Framework and Integrated Development Environment(IDE)

Module 2:
GUI Applications development using .NET Framework
1) Work with the windows Forms and controls
2) Perform validation of controls using classes and controls
3) Work with Dialog Boxes, Menus and MDI application
4) Implement Printing and Reporting Functionality in a windows forms Application
5) Implement Asynchronous programming
6) Package, deploy, and secure applications

Module 3:
Developing Database Applications Using ADO.NET
1) Basic SQL Server
2) Create and manage connections using ADO .NET
3) Identify the disconnected and connected environment in ADO.Net
4) Creating datasets and data tables
5) Retrieve and store large binary data
6) Execute SQL notification maintain and update a cache
7) Manage distributed transactions

Module 4:
Developing web applications using ASP .NET 2.0
1) Introduction to ASP.Net
2) Creating Web Forms
3) Connecting to Data Bases.

ASP .NET 2.0

Module 1:
Developing web applications using ASP .NET 2.0 4) Create a Web Application
5) Program a Web Application
6) Add and configure server controls
7) Create a common layout by Using Master pages
8) Manage State for Web Application
9) Access and Display Data
10) Control Access to a Web Application
11) Make Web Applications Available to Mobile Devices
12) Build Dynamic Web Applications
13) Create controls for web applications
14) Optimize web application performance
15) Implement personalization and Themes in Web Applications
Build Web part pages and Web parts