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Hybrid Model

Hybrid Development is a combination of onsite and offshore services that deliver results at highly reduced costs. Requirements engineering and the development of detailed specifications is usually done onsite, while software development and testing is done offshore at our development center in India. This model maximizes efficiency in resources and costs.

In certain situations where the projects are complex and mission critical applications are to be delivered with the most stringent deadlines, this model is highly recommended. Depending on parameters such as volume, complexities and involvement of the customer, the combination of on-site and off-shore resources are defined. This model ensures constant interaction of the on-site team with the client thus reducing the problems arising due to communication gap.

Proven benefits of this model include continuous, near-24 hour work cycles; the ability to structure and assemble teams with diverse, multiple skillsets; lower costs for resources and the ability to quickly scale (up or down) depending on the requirements. There is also a substantial cost reduction due to a large Offshore Component.