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In the current era of the data communication, IP forms the backbone of any network. IP networking along with voice telephony acts as a complete solution for cost effective good quality communication.

IP or Internet Protocol is based on the classical TCP/IP protocol suite architecture. It started from the basic switching functionality using the address lookup table. Today we have fancy routing protocols like BGP and RIPng.

The Fuzone areas of expertise in the IP domain falls in the following categories

1. Design and development of L2/L3 Switches using state-of-art switching fabrics provided by companies like Broadcom.
2. Design and development of core network routers, which provide route features over wide geographical ranges.
3. In addition to these immense expertise is available for developing features like Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the existing networks.
4. Expertise in IPv4 and IPv6 addressing architecture and their usage in the existing network using V4-V4 and V4-V6 tunneling
5. Expertise is available to execute features to reduce network latency and flooding. IP multicast is one such feature.
6. Expertise is present in Inter-working of voice and data networks solutions.

Network Management
With the advent of networks, arose the need to manage these networks. In today's era of Internet, management of these different technology networks from a centralized location becomes a mandatory requirement.

The Fuzone areas of expertise for the same are
A. FCAPS 1. Fault Management
2. Configuration Management
3. Performance Management
4. Security Management

B. Design and development of SNMP agents for accessing MIBs and interworking with different protocols.

C. Billing Solutions for multi-technology and multi-topology networks. The network technologies used include

1. ATM
2. IP
3. GSM

For a complete chips solution, standard micro controllers and standard chip sets can be put together to achieve customer specific functionality. Fuzone has expertise in systems where multiple Unix based OS are used. These OS's are FreeBSD and NetBSD to name a few. They are available as freeware on the net and hence form a very cost-effective choice.

"At FUZONE, project management is our expertise. For efficient and cost effective project management and project execution, we have put a quality process in place.A complete process driven software development life cycle is followed to execute a project. Currently, two models are followed in the majority of the software industry The V model of SDLC The waterfall model of SDLC."