Fuzone e-Systems
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Offshore Model

Design, development, delivery and support at Fuzone e-Systems Development Center in Delhi & Noida, India.

In this instance, we carry out the actual development services at our facilities in Noida, India. Deliverables are possible through digital communication links, the Internet or media of client choice.

Pros and Cons of Offshore model
Clients in the developed countries can reduce their development costs up to 60%
Clients need not recruit or hire any employees for the short duration of the project.
Clients don't need to lease extra space to accommodate the development team or provide infrastructure (computers, printers, floppy disks..) etc.
We can assume complete responsibility of the project management, eliminating any full time involvement of your staff in the project management.
While you work to grow your business, we work to provide you the best possible technology solution to accelerate it.
You need to define the scope of the project clearly in order to take advantage of the off shore services.
It may involve substantial time in the analysis phase of the project. Even though this looks like a disadvantage, actually this reduces the risk of developing an incorrect product, which does not meet the requirements of the client.